Personalized revenue management,

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About PriceMatch

Pricematch's online revenue management platform was developed by graduates of the finest French universities.

We aim to make revenue management hassle-free for everyone. Enjoy access to accurate price recommendations via our web platform, thanks to sophisticated algorithms that combine technical expertise and domain experience. Our solution is reasonably priced and flexible.

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At your service

PriceMatch offers a smart and easy-to-use revenue management platform for your hotel. For each of the upcoming 90 nights, you will find:

  • A price recommendation for each room category
  • A detailed breakdown of your competitors' prices
  • Events likely to influence the demand for your property
  • The evolution of your Internet price and your reservations
  • An estimation of how much you will earn if you follow our recommendations

These price recommendations are updated daily by our algorithms. Transferring them to your distribution channels is just a click away!