Bali – Romantic Holidays

Bali is blessed with beautiful beaches and rich culture which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. Great rentals on this tropical island allow you to experience all the beautiful sights and attractions.

The stretching golden sand beach is perfect for newly married couples who want to enjoy the tranquil setting of a beautiful and charming beach. Clear waters and white sand with lush green coral reefs create the most beautiful coastline. Amazing resorts and hotels, affordable shopping, and a thriving nightlife will make your time in Bali the most memorable. This is an ideal place for those who are on their honeymoon because the white sand, water, beach breeze, and good Bali weather conditions ensure a pleasant holiday.

If you are looking for good water sports in Bali, you can visit Bukit, New Kuta beach, Padang-Padang, Bingin and Suluban or Uluwatu. For other water activities, you can join the cruise or go for kayaking, scuba diving, and rafting. Bali is quite popular among sea surfers around the world. Jimbaran and Padang Padang is the best beach for surfing. The place that must be visited in Bali is Jimbaran bay which was once a fish market but has now turned into a tourist beach with several open-air restaurants along the beautiful coastline. You can also visit destinations such as Uluwatu Temple which is located on the edge of a cliff on the water’s edge. You can also visit nearby tourist attractions such as Ubud, Celuk, the center of Balinese painting and the village which is very famous for silver and gold works.

Another good place to visit is Kuta which offers many shopping options within walking distance. The best season to visit Kuta is from July to August and the December holidays. Kuta has eternal beauty and various attractions and remains one of Indonesia’s main tourist destinations. If you are looking for an exotic resting place on the beautiful beaches of Bali, you can find the most prestigious hotels with first-class service, stunning sea views, stunning interior settings, and exclusive flavors of various cuisines. You can enjoy evenings attending various live concerts and salsa dances.

You can find a variety of rental accommodations including large hotels, villas and resorts on the beautiful seaside coast of Bali. You can admire the ocean view and tropical gardens in the villa. To get a picture of Bali’s rich culture, you don’t need to go far because the hotel rooms are traditionally arranged with very beautiful architecture. You can find resorts that provide waterfront lodging, wining and dining, various camp activities and more at reasonable prices. For tennis courts, golf courses are available including miniature golf and water sports facilities.

While staying at this hotel and villa, you can enjoy the expanse of coral and marine life by swimming briefly in soothing sea water. The hotel also provides recreational facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool and a rejuvenating spa. Beautiful luxury villas consist of spacious air-conditioned rooms, garden, large terrace with sea view and private pool along with full time staff. The hotels are luxurious and consist of friendly and warm staff who offer a comfortable environment.

If you want to make your vacation in Bali memorable, you can search the internet and find companies that offer honeymoon holidays in Bali to enjoy your stay on the island.