Back in the Crazy World of Bangkok

We are once again in Bangkok.
Our first day was largely spent swimming fast in the pool, winding along the road only to see what had changed and then to sit in the air conditioning room.
We suffer from a bad dose if jet lag is not unusual for us but may be due to dehydration. At the foot of the plane from our flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok, we were stuck in our seats. We have a window seat and center seat. A beautiful young Thai woman was given a chair in the aisle. He smiled sweetly as he sat down and then immediately pulled the tray table, banged it on the table, and stuffed his ears. As usual with anyone from this part of the world, within minutes of taking off, he fell asleep and stayed like that for nearly seven hours straight. We did bother him once to get out but it was a performance to pass us by not repeating it meant limiting the amount of water we drank.

Once at the Bangkok airport we went looking for a taxi, they have a new system now, you take out a ticket from the machine at the public taxi stand and get the bay number. We are 32 of course it is the only bay that is empty all taxis have waiting to take you away. He immediately appeared and we negotiated the price with Mango Lagoon. 500 Baht. Suprizingly it hasn’t changed since we first started coning back in 2006. He quickly showed that he couldn’t take us there because there were “lots of people walking” we understood and agreed to be dropped off at the main road. He seemed quite relieved. You can really drive away Soi Rambutri but as he said there are so many people walking it will take a long time.
He gave a friendly tour when we struggled with stuttering traffic. Even though at 6:30 pm on Sunday it was more like a rush hour at home.
Once we arrived at the hotel, it was a quick change to lighter clothes and went out for a cold drink and a few people watching from Gecko Bar.

We didn’t really do many things the next day besides swimming in the pool and
Tuk Tuk battles through the streets at busy night Tuk Tuk battles through the streets at busy nights
Tuk tuks struggle through the streets at busy times of the night
visit Wat which is close to our hotel. By late afternoon we recovered. We had arranged to meet Christophe at 7 pm. We first met him in Kapas in 2012 and have met him several times since, here in various places.
It was wonderful to catch up and after a long chat and a beer at Gecko Bar, we all went to Ranees, our favorite restaurant, where they did an amazing massaman curry.
As the title suggests, Bangkok is crazy, to return from Ranees we had to negotiate to cross the main road. A tourist policeman stands in the middle of an intersection, arms outstretched, taxis and motorbikes slowing to a halt, people from both sides start crossing when the police shout “go away” and signal that we run when a private car speeds up. Pedestrians are scattered everywhere.

We had a few more drinks at various bars in Rambuttri before Christophe left to make his house at home. He lives 20 km away on the outskirts of Bangkok so his journey is quite good. We, on the other hand walked two minutes back to our hotel.

Feeling much better the next morning we took a taxi to the river along the Chao Phraya river to Wat Traimit (Wat Temple which means) which was supposed to hold the largest golden statue in the world. It is made of solid gold and weighs 6 tons and is worth 250 million dollars

It was a bit of a walk from the pier to the temple which took us through the back streets lined with rusty oily parts from old cars and strange engineering workshops. Stan found that interesting. I am happy to arrive at Wat.

By the time we made our way back down the river to our hotel, we were more than ready to swim in the pool.

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